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Brand: Wstage

1m x 1m , 4' x 4'  Folding Platform (1 pc per master pack)

Sturdy and durable, platforms are capable of bearing weight up to 185 lbs./square foot (1000 kgs / square meter ) and are available in Carpet, Industrial and TuffCoat finish.

When space is tight, our folding platforms can handle the job. This platform folds in half when not in use creating a much smaller footprint than our regular platforms. The perfect solution when you need to transport or store your stage in an ultra compact space

                  Carpet                           Industrial                               TuffCoat              

Wstage Model      Size         Finish

WS-FP1X1C      1m x 1m     Carpet
WS-FP1X1I       1m x 1m     TuffCoat
WS-PF1X1T      1m x 1m     Industrial

WS-FP4X4C      4’ x 4’         Carpet
WS-FP4X4I       4’ x 4’         TuffCoat
WS-PF4X4T      4’ x 4’         Industrial


Product Dimensions (exterior): 121.9 x 121.9 x 3 cm / 48 x 48 x 1.2 in
Product Weight (exterior): 25 kgs / 55.1 lbs

Shipping Dimensions* (exterior): 94 x 63.5 x 8.3 cm / 37 x 25 x 3.2 in
Shipping Weight* (exterior): 27 kgs / 59.5 lbs

*Shipping weight and dimensions may include shipping pallet.

Riser Options (sold separately):

1m x 1m Square Riser, 20cm High
1m x 1m Square Riser, 40cm High
1m x 1m Square Riser, 60cm High
1m x 1m Square Riser, 80cm High

4’ x 4’ Square Riser, 8” High
4’ x 4’ Square Riser, 16” High
4’ x 4’ Square Riser, 24” High
4’ x 4’ Square Riser, 32” High

Accessories (sold separately):

Stage Skirts
Guard Rail w/Chair Stop
Ascending Chair Stop
Storage Cases

Folding Platforms
Size: 1x1m, 4'x4'. Finish: Carpet, Tuffcoat ,Industrial